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Updates & Designs, Inc.


Founded in 1995, Updates & Designs, Inc. (UDI) was established as a business model to provide rapid, economical turn-around CAD drawing revisions and project design support for local manufacturing and engineering firms. For more than twenty years, UDI has continually sustained a steady growth to its customer base and currently employs more than 25 people, with annual sales averaging above 1.5 million dollars. By understanding each of our customer’s specific needs, we are able to develop customized support strategies which in turn, lead to long term business-working relationships. By offering competitive pay and exceptional benefits, we have successfully maintained a talented work team and relaxed office environment, with minimal turnover among our employees.

Throughout the years, our ability to provide superior service to a wide variety of clients, representing many different industries, has permitted UDI to sustain the up and down swings of the economy. As our customer base and our knowledge in each customer’s field has grown, so has the details of work being requested by our customers.


With the support from our customers, and the excellent relationships we have cultivated with all our clients, UDI is looking forward to continued growth in both its customer base and work structure.



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